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Judi HamiltonWhile growing up in Amarillo, Texas my introduction to miniatures was at age seven when I learned to crochet clothes for my Renwal dollhouse doll. Traveling with my family always included a shoebox with my little doll, crochet hook, needle, scissors and an assortment of crochet thread. The doll and clothes were just too cute -- of course I was just seven!

Fast forward to my adulthood in Lakewood, Colorado when I started collecting antique miniatures while I was a partner in an Antique/Boutique. Then in 1975 I discovered N.A.M.E. and a beginning miniature club in Denver. That was it; I was hooked and pursued creating and collecting with a passion. I can say I love it as much today as back then.

I have been involved with The Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls & Toys since day one. It is a charming little museum and we have a lovely core of volunteers who work to support the museum workshops, exhibits and fund raising endeavors. Our miniature show and sale is known for these kind and professional volunteers, workshops/teachers and the quality dealers who sell their special creations each year.

The creative process is so rewarding. The challenge of working in mixed medias (wood, metal, fabric, paper, resin and etc.) lends itself to imitating life size scale realistically and creating whimsy and original art in miniature. From the beginning, teaching has also been a part of that passion. It nurtures my soul when students realize that they do have talent and can create something beautiful. It is a joy to behold.

I do accept commissions and travel to teach workshops. Your referrals are the heart of my business. I am grateful. Thank you!

Judi Hamilton

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